My name is a Denise Findlay and I am a facilitator. I have travelled across Canada working with First Nations’ peoples, including my own people of the Squamish Nation.  I am also the owner of Kweykway Consulting.  I have a gift for facilitating large group processes where conflict exists. I have done my fair share of designing and facilitating workshops on everything from parenting to leadership. I have a back ground in co-active and systems c11998996_10207670833829258_6119204508995126478_noaching, process psychology, attachment based developmental theory and adult education. Most importantly I am passionate about transformative education that nourishes the hearts and minds of  those whose lives I touch. The introduction of contemplative practices into my life has opened up a world of imagination, creativity and possibility. Daily reading, writing, movement and meditation provide a source of nourishment to my mind, body and spirit that I long with share with others. As a result I’m infused with hope in both my personal and professional life.

On a personal note, I am married and the proud mama of two beautiful little boys who have taught me more about life than I ever could have expected. What a profound  gift!  I carry much hope for the future as I see the next generation blossom.

This blog is an online portfolio intended to capture my journey as I engage in a Masters of Education program with Simon Fraser University.  The focus of the program is on Contemplative Approaches and Inquiry in Education. In other words, different ways of being, knowing and doing in the world.  Something I believe is truly needed. How do we educate the heart? As one of my favourite Cree elders, Kathy Louis,  always said to me….”Denise, the longest journey you’ll ever make is the one from your head to your heart!”. You know what, she was absolutely right!

I will be capturing examples of my work as well as inspirational bits that I feel worth sharing and that reflect my subjective experiences. I hope you enjoy my posts and invite you to respond by posting your own thoughts and feelings.

To learn more about this program  see MEDIA RELEASE….or see article in Georgia Strait…



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  1. Sharon Beck says:

    Hi Denise, I look forward to reading your posts as you work towards your Masters degree.” Different ways of being, knowing and doing” is also the premise behind the creative problem solving process. Sharon Beck


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