From A Sacred Place

There is a place where my spirit dwells

In the stillness, quiet and mystery

Amongst the cedars reaching endlessly toward the sky

The air is thick and warm, the smell of dirt reminding me I am a creature of the earthunnamed-1

Moonlight streams through the thickness of branches dripping with green, the color of medicine

Billions of floating particles are illuminated revealing a hidden world

Warmth washes over the forest floor

Breath, breathing, being breathed

My ancestors are with me now

Stillness, eerily silent, casting a spell of oneness

Only the occasional sound of scurrying forest creatures

I am home

I can find myself once again

Free from the confines of my earthly body

The clattering raucous of my senses stops momentarily

Flickering like a light bulb

Here I am nothing and everything

I am the trees, the dirt, the sun, the sky, the particles

What is this place I call home?

Where I vanish and become one with everything

It calls my name inviting me into an experience of becoming unbound by time and space

I can hear my ancestors whispering as the wind rustles through the trees

Secrets revealed just for my knowing

A knowing that needs no explanation

This sacred place is home

This is a place where my spirit dwells

Here I am whole

My journey complete

By Denise Findlay

About dmfindlay

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Education program at SFU focussing on Contemplative Inquiry and Approaches in Education. This blog outlines my journey over the next 2 years
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