A Collection of Embodied Moments…Bodygraphy by Denise Findlay

When I set out on this journey I was unaware of how profoundly affected I would be. I did not know where to begin and, initially, the experience was coloured by feelings of confusion that left me grasping for the known, familiar and certain. In reflection, I can see how a large part of my life has been characterized by similar pursuits in vain. This process has been a re-discovery of my own beauty as well as the beauty that exists all around me. A reconnection with my “self” and the sensuous world has engaged me in an ongoing process of delightful discovery. A process that has resulted in a collection of poignant moments that represents a journey that has been transformational.

My body has proven to be a never-ending exclusive source of knowledge. Simply paying attention to and developing a relationship with my body has brought together previously fragmented aspects of my life. Walking and writing evolved into a heightened awareness of and interest in my internal and external worlds. My embodied experience has been one of expansiveness and wholeness. I have never felt more myself. I am now easily disarmed and mesmerized by the beauty found both inside of and all around me. I am speaking my truth more readily. Courage and hopefulness seems to have replaced a previous incessant need to worry. It is as if a karmic stick of sorts has been broken. More focused in the present moment I am able to enjoy both the material and mystical nature of being. When I pause and pay close attention to my sensory experience my imagination soars, hidden memories are revealed and connections are made. Then there is the writing. Oh how I love writing for nobody else but myself. It brings me absolute joy to take these emerging themes and stories and write them out in the most poetic way I know how. Writing has become a daily part of my embodied practice. This along with simple movement, paying attention in the moment and now meditation has literally transformed who I am being. It is magical!

My bodygraphy has evolved from what I originally intended it to be. It is a collection of moments. Significant moments along my journey illustrated through story and poetry that are tied inextricably to not only my body but to place. My environment when that moment of awareness occurred provides a powerful touchstone that calls forth the nuances of my sensuous experience and helps me remember the messages these transformational moments hold. These writings are reflections on of my embodied experiences and this the best way I know to share it. It is exactly what it is meant to be and it speaks to the courage necessary to simply begin something, anything… not knowing where it will go or end.


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About dmfindlay

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Education program at SFU focussing on Contemplative Inquiry and Approaches in Education. This blog outlines my journey over the next 2 years
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