Proud moment…

I’m a big advocate for supporting the development of my children’s capacity to express, name and feel the full range of their emotions. Even the noisy less socially acceptable ones. Here are two quotes from my son’s teachers today. I’m so proud….we can see not only words of frustration but words that indicate a fairly sophisticated (for an 8 year old) ability to understand love. I think when we teach social and emotional learning in reductionistic and instrumental ways we undermine a child’s ability to feel deeply. Children are incredibly close to their hearts. They only need an emotional connection with a caring adult where they are safe to develop the capacity to feel and articulate their complex emotions. See the two quotes as follows…

“I just wanted to let you know that Jake had some positive highlights to his day that you might like to hear about. The boys had time first period to play with our Lincoln logs, as a group. Although I have a hefty supply of materials, much sharing and cooperation had to occur. He did very well with playing, negotiating and being a playmate. He played all through recess with Josh and proudly reported it to me when he came in! He was annoyed with our requests for work a few times, mostly when they interfered with his wanting to talk about Minecraft. Words like ‘frickin’ and ‘stupid’ were muttered, which we made clear are very unexpected. Generally, however, he is settling into our routines and work expectations a little more each day. In gym today, he apparently said something very kind to a classmate who is sad to be moving and leaving her cat in Vancouver. Jake told her she could think of it while she is away and know it is always with her as long as it’s in her heart. Pretty impressive! Enjoy your evening.”

Pam and Alex

“I teach Jake’s PE at KGMS and wanted to pass along a positive sentiment from the day. (Alex Edwards gave me your email address, I hope this is okay!)

While sitting down, about to leave PE, Agnes (another student) shared her sadness about moving to New York on Thursday. After I explained the concept of “bittersweet”, Jake wished Agnes well in front of the class by saying: “We will miss you, but you will be in our hearts. Just like my cats were in my heart at Disneyland.” Agnes was touched, and the class was notably impressed by his comment (they echoed it immediately after).I wanted to share this with you for a number of reasons, but mostly to give you a sense of how confident and sensitive he can be when interacting with his peers. He has come a long way in a short time, and I look forward to seeing his continued growth.”

Best wishes,
Jackie De Santis

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I am currently enrolled in the Master of Education program at SFU focussing on Contemplative Inquiry and Approaches in Education. This blog outlines my journey over the next 2 years
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One Response to Proud moment…

  1. Susan Chatelier says:

    Wow…how wonderful….I know that there have been many struggles…and how thoughtful and kind of these teachers to take time to notice and share these positives with you!! xo


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